Custom Ranch Brand Organizer Caddy | Personalized Cow Themed Party
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Ranch Brand Organizer with Cow Ear Tag or Custom Brand Letter. Black Metal Silverware Holder, Organizer, Cow Party Decor, Western Home and wedding gifts

Custom Ranch Brand Organizer Caddy | Personalized Cow Themed Party

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We know how proud you are of that brand! You'll find unique ways to show it off in our new line of custom livestock & cattle brand accessories. Customize this oval divided caddy to compliment your color theme.  It's perfect for your home, your bar, your patio and back yard parties, your craft room, a cow themed birthday party, as a fillable gift basket or a wedding table top event piece. This black metal caddy has three divided areas and can organize everything from your crafting tools to your wedding reception silverware.

Choose your customization color and design from the cow head with ear tag design or the bold custom letter brand shown on coffee mug. Need a different color of personalization, simply email us at 

This can be personalized with initials or name as well, the possibilities are endless. It is lightweight and has a wooden, moveable handle. Caddy is oval with wooden handle and 5" tall, by 6.5" deep and 7.5" wide with two small and one large divided section. The smaller sections will hold about 30 pc silverware each. 


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