Operation Love One Another

This movement was organized to help individuals that are in crisis situations in the United States throughout the year. Every single dollar raised goes towards that mission and directly to someone in need.  Ella Joli uses a percentage of every sale for this cause, this is our 9th year donating to people in crisis. Many of our customers and friends have requested to help, with what started as our holiday efforts, so we have now formed #operationloveoneanother to help others year around. You're already donating to this cause when you purchase from us.

There is currenlty one necklace for women/girls, one for men/boys and t-shirts are in the works, specifically for Operation Love One Another.  All sale proceeds from these OLOA items will go towards the cause.  After all, who couldn't use reminders to be kind and show love for one another!  We have also created a website that will soon display some of these efforts.

You're truly making a difference in the lives of people that are experiencing  desperate, difficult times, and we thank you! 

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